Watch Repairs


A mechanical watch is a fine precision movement that is functioning 24 hours a day, and is driven by a small mainspring supplying the power.

With every day use the finest piece of dirt will stop the watch.

Servicing of the watch should be carried out by a qualified watchmaker every 2-3 years.

At Watchpower , the movement is carefully dismantled, pivots cleaned and checked, necessary repairs carried out and put through a cleaner with the proper cleaning solutions.

The watch case and metal band are polished and cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Modern day Quartz watches also need servicing, seals replaced.

We carry out all these repairs in a clean professional workshop



Clock Repairs

Antique clock repairs are a large part of my business.

I service anything from a Grandfather clock , 400 day , American sessions, English, German  French, wall and mantle.

With my fully equipped workshop all repairs are carried out in a clean environment.

During a full service, the clock is completely dismantled, checked for worn bushings and replaced as required.

All wheels are redressed, pivots cleaned, checked and polished.

Clock springs are repaired or replaced as required.

Once all the repairs have been completed, the parts are ultrasonically cleaned before being reassembled, oiled, greased, chime function set up and checked to ensure all the chimes are working correctly, and finally cased and regulated for time keeping.

This amount of care and repair happens on all clocks that come through my workshop


Water Resistance Testing

Water resistant watches require retesting , seals replaced and casing cleaned .

I am able to carry out this type of repair on 50metre , 100metre upwards.

Each watch is accessed on condition and availabilty of seals.


Watch Bands

We carry a complete range of quality leather and metal watchbands, as well as rubber, velcro and nylon bands.

Over 200 bands to select from.


Minor Watch Repairs
All minor watch repairs are handled including -
Winder replacements,
glass replacements,
band repairs,
battery replacements,
watch band adjustments,
Quartz clock movement replacements

A watchmaker requires a keen eye and a very steady hand to service quality mechanical movements such as this Rolex automatic .

Rolex 3135 Service